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The Founder’s Work

Below is the collection of my (Alex’s) work. These poems below have helped me identify and fight to overcome and lessen my Depression, Anxiety, and other things related to the two. Below I’m showing an image that I took out of my notebook, not me typing this in. All images are original work made by me.

This is a slideshow. Click to go to the next poem. If you are on mobile, the descriptions of the poems won’t appear on Portrait mode. Turn your phone to landscape for them to appear.

NOTE: Every interpretation of every poem is different. I list my interpretations, and you as the reader will more than likely view it differently than me. Similarly, I write a certain format that I explain in “The Rose”, and this is my personal style. There is no guideline. You write how you write.


This is what I have now. I will continue to add more as I write more.