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This website and foundation was made by me, Alex, a student in High School who went and continues to go through many of the things that you go through as well: Depression, Anxiety, things that make daily life hard. I went through the first half of my teenage life not knowing how to deal with it, and at the early points, not even aware of the issues going through my brain.

That is until I discovered poetry. After writing my first poem, Moonlight, I became aware of the things that held me back. To use the metaphor in the poem, it was the screaming over the whispering. For everyone who hasn’t read Moonlight yet, what was holding me back was all then negativity overriding me, negativity stemming from issues I already suspected I had.

Talk Therapy Helps! But, that doesn’t mean we want, or can do it. I was there. There were things I couldn’t talk about, or didn’t know how. I think that’s why poetry had helped me so much. When you write a word down, that word has meaning. We could use football for example. You write football down, and football is a sport you play. But to you, football means happiness, you love football. Your brain is essentially talking to itself, with football meaning one thing and another. A connection is formed on a cognitive level, and suddenly, you got yourself talk therapy. Your brain just talked to itself, by saying football and replying with happiness.

If you want an example of my work, click here. If you want to begin posting your own works in the public forum, click here. This site was made for your benefit, so please use it to its maximum extent.


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Subjects Commonly Written About


This has been on a huge rise, especially among Teenagers and Young Adults. There has been many studies that are attempting to find out why, but for now all we can do is fight it. Writing about Depression can assist you by having someone understand you, and that someone is you. If you can’t talk to someone, write something down and talk to yourself.


It’s a fact of life. This has happened, and probably will happen. That doesn’t mean we have to take it as it is. Writing about your experience can help lessen the impact that this has, offer you support from a community, and support from yourself. If it is something actions can’t solve, words can.


Anxiety. We all hate it. It takes a simple situation with simple problems and solutions and turns it into a mess of huge proportions. I found that, personally, this is the issue that most improved about writing. Whenever I would start freaking out about something, I wrote a poem about it, looked back on my writing, realized this poem is making something completely normal seem crazy, then I realized that poem was me.


Not everything has to be sad. Words can be a beacon of hope for someone in need. If your want to be uplifting and offer others a positive outlet, writing Inspirational poetry can brighten someones day. Similarly, if you are feeling down, writing or reading previously written Inspirational poetry can be that thing you need to make the day better.

Self Worth

Ever doubting your self worth? Well I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be. However, sometimes its not something we can help. There always seems to be something in the back of our mind that just tells us that we aren’t what we need to be. Write to help you identify that, and realize that whatever is telling you that you aren’t worth anything is wrong.


Consider this a broad summary of the other five. And at the same time consider it a completely different category. You are a complex human being with complex wants and needs. Writing and Reading can help you with that. If one of the other five subjects isn’t what you need, write about something you do. Whatever it is, you aren’t the only one wishing for it.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts have found its words.
— Robert Frost


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